Saturday, October 10, 2009

Half Marathon Mama- Week #6

Tough Week!!!

I mentioned in my Joyful Bath Co review the other day how sore and achy I was by Saturday night after my long run. It felt like the flu-achy. I wasn't sure if it was from my run or if I was coming down with the flu. After a hot bath I felt much better.

Then Sunday I was starting to feel the same. Monday was my next run day of 4 miles. I barely made it past 2 miles. I ached so bad from my calves down. I didn't think it was just general soreness, it felt more like I was on the verge of "over doing it". So I walked a lot during those 2 miles and stopped there because I just started feeling worse.

I was hoping by Wednesday I would feel better, but I didn't. Again, I barely made it TO 2 miles this time.

Today was my long run day and I felt confident I would be recovered by now. I did feel much better, but today was one of those mentally tough days to get through it. 7 miles, pace averaging out to 12:20(eek!) least I did it!!
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CaraW. said...

Awesome -that's the way to do it!! Take your time and just FINISH!! Keep it up, way to GO!!!!!!!!!! [:)

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

N.D. said...

Great job pushing through it! have you tried those recovery socks! I'm doing a review on them soon.


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