Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Belle's Biscuits Maine Maple Spice Gluten-Free Review!

Not your 'ordinary' Teething Biscuit!
Just a couple of weeks ago Ethan and I tried out and reviewed Belle's Biscuits. You can read the review here. I was so happy that we were also given the opportunity to try out the brand new GLUTEN FREE Maine Maple Spice Belle's Biscuits for our Fall Festival. These are wonderful teething biscuits for your little teether!

Who is Belle's Biscuits?
Belle's Biscuits were developed by a Pharmacist and his wife to help their toddler cope with teething as nothing they tried had worked. Their biscuits are organic and also are dairy, soy and wheat free.There are three flavors, Original Vanilla, Maine Maple Spice and Wild Maine Blueberry.

Our Maine Maple Spice Belle's Biscuits Experience! 
Yes, 'our' experience ;-) When I gave Ethan one it absolutely smelled w o n d e r f u l and since I have a sweet tooth, I just had to have one! I really think this was Ethan's favorite flavor of all three because he didn't put it down one time until it was all gone. I was extremely impressed with the Maine Maple Spice Belle's Biscuits. They are so flavorful and I didn't really expect that from a teething biscuit. These biscuits are very healthy and I don't have to think twice about giving him one....ok, or maybe two a day. The ingredients of the Maine Maple Spice: Organic Buckwheat flour, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Spices and Filtered Water. You won't find any other teething biscuit like this out on the market!

Why you should purchase Belle's Biscuits! 
  • Dairy, soy and wheat free.
  • Maine Maple Spice are now GLUTEN FREE
  • Organic
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Belle's Kitchen does not use plastics made with PVC or phthalates
  • Firmer than other teething biscuit brands
  • Taste better than other teething biscuits!

    You can now purchase the Maine Maple Spice Gluten Free on Belle's Biscuits Website. These would be a perfect healthy treat to put into your baby's or grandbaby's Halloween basket this year! 

    A special thanks to Belle's Biscuits for letting Ethan be the first one to try out the new gluten free Maine Maple Spice biscuits!



    Annie said...

    I just got my Belle's Biscuits in the mail and David LOVES them! I am going to post a huge rave for them on my blog soon :)

    *Mirage* said...

    Sounds yummy! I don't think I'd get them though because my son is almost 14 months old. He's got all his front teeth in already.

    Chari said...

    Ethan is almost 14 months old and is still cutting teeth on the sides (whatever those are called lol) so it really helps him. He loves them frozen too!


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