Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sad Day!

I mentioned last week our Desk Top became gravely ill and had to go see the doctor. The doctor was able to save all the parts except the HARD DRIVE. Yes, it was quite the procedure. Now, Desk Top does not have any previous memories of ANYTHING....including the first year of Ethan's life.

Now 90% of our photos and videos are gone FOREVER as I never backed up my photos. A few were saved because I had digi-scraped and had them loaded on an online album to share. Our extended family are not picture-people, so all the pictures we have, we took ourselves. I am very mad at myself, but there is nothing that I can do about that now.

So, moms, you will be getting a "nagging message" from me about once a month tell you to BACK UP YOUR PICS!! Just in case you forget to as well. I wouldn't want any mom to loose precious pictures of their children!



Annie said...

OH NO!! how horrible :(

I have an iMac with a thing called a "time machine" basically it is an external hard drive that backs up everything....I am so thankful for it.....

*hugs* those are horrible things to loose

B.A. Hunter said...

Don't throw the hard drive away! Maybe someone can figure it out for you. We were able to just transfer the info off ours onto our other computer when that happened to us. There has got to be a way to save it! I feel for you though...that is VERY depressing!


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