Saturday, September 26, 2009

Half Marathon Mama-Week #4

Ok, ok, so I've missed posting a couple of weeks. That is because I've missed my long runs :-( NOT GOOD! But I'm still keeping up....I just ran 5 miles today. Whew! I think I better get to bed before midnight the night before my runs! Overall my time wasn't too bad considering how tired I was. Ethan slept the whole time in the Jeep jogging stroller too. Weather wasn't too warm and there was a little breeze.

I have planned to run a 5k next Saturday...if my friend has kept up with her training and is still going to do it with me. Otherwise I'll just do a 6 mile run that day.



~M said...

I can't get your rss feed to work via feedburner in google reader. Can you please fix it?

Chari said...

Thank you for letting me know! I might have done something wrong when I added feedburner. I'm looking into it. I'm new to the feedburner app and the rss, kind of confusing...I am working on it, I hope it works soon!! Very sorry!!!


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