Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make Quilting & Crafting a Breeze with a GO! Baby {Review}

I Love My GO! Baby

Every quilter and fabric crafter knows that the most time consuming part of a project is prepping and cutting the fabric. This is also the most important step because pieces cut incorrectly can cause some serious issues once you are attempting to put it all together. To the experienced quilter and crafter spending money on a quality item that will save time and provide accurate cutting is invaluable (and if you are like me it will save you from pulling out your hair!). I am so excited that I have found just that in the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter!

Accuquilt makes the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter, a unique easy to use hand crank cutter. It is portable and simple to set up for use. This amazing cutter makes preparing your fabrics for a project fun!

Key features of the GO! Baby:
  • Consistent, accurate cuts - up to 6 layers at a time
  • 90% faster than rotary cutters or scissors
  • Lightweight (only 8 lbs./ 8 1/4" tall) and portable, it folds to store and closes with a magnetic latch. The easy-lift carrying handle makes it easy to take to classes, guild meetings, retreats and quilting bees.
  • Compatible with more than 60% of GO! dies
  • Creates perfect applique in the turn of a handle
  • Reduces fabric waste
  • Comfortable roller handle grip is easy and safe; eliminating arthritis, wrist, backaches, shoulder and elbow pain caused by using a rotary cutter
  • Wide selection of GO! Baby dies allow the creation of unlimited projects - the possibilities are endless!
  • Minimal space needed for storage
  • Portable - no electricity or batteries needed
  • The design is innovative and easy to clean with a high gloss exterior surface and a neutral, light-colored work surface.
I was sent the GO! Baby plus 3 dies  with the corresponding mats. It was such a difficult decision to pick out which 3 dies I wanted to try out. I finally decided on the basic set, the GO! Value Die. This is a perfect die to own because squares and triangles are so versatile in many quilts and craft projects.  Then I chose a couple of applique dies, the Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson and the GO! Fall Medely. Obviously with fall here the Fall Medely is perfect for several crafts and I fell in love with the Rose of Sharon as soon as I saw it because I could envision on the girly things I could make with it.

Now let me demonstrate how crazy simple the GO! Baby is to use!

Cut out your scraps of fabric to cover the shapes you want to cut out. I used only one layer of fabric here because I ironed fusing to the back first which makes it a bit thicker. You can cut up to 6 layers of regular cotton fabric at once.


Lay the correct size of mat over your cutting template before you run through the GO! Baby.


Run the template through the GO! Baby by turning the handle. This was very simple to do and it did not take a lot of strength to do this.

Enjoy your newly cut pieces and start sewing!


I have had so much fun with my GO! Baby the last few weeks. I now how essential this machine is for crafters and quilters. The GO! Baby saves an enormous amount of time and energy. If you are a Mommy, you know how valuable your time is anyway and how little of it we have to spend doing and making things we love. Owning a GO! Baby gives us more time to create which keeps Mommy happy :-)

Check out the cute items below and stay tuned for step by step tutorials for these as well as a GO! Baby Giveaway!

 I received the items mentioned in the review complimentary. All thoughts and opinions of the products are my own. No other compensation was received to conduct this review.


Sue D said...

Great review--this looks like a lot of fun and there are so many interesting dies.

Carrie Phelps said...

What an amazing machine this is!!

Kathy S. said...

Nice review. It makes it look so easy! Shahann at yahoo dot com.

Maxine said...

Wow, how quick and easy! Thanks for the quick tutorial.


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