Friday, October 14, 2011

6 Months

How is it possible my little baby is already half way to 1 year old?

At 6 Months:
  • Has 2 teeth on bottom.
  • Sits up all the time by himself
  • Scoots around the house all the time!
  • pulls up on knees and hands a few times a day...crawling soon I'm sure!
  • still wakes up every 2.5 to 3 hours to nurse at night (sometimes 4 if I'm lucky!)
  • started eating solids right at 6 months. seems to really LOVE eating food, more than brother did!
  • generally happy baby unless tired, hungry or wet.
  • has been a tummy sleeper since about 3 months
It's so strange to have a baby that is so mobile for this age. Ethan didn't start attempting to crawl until 10-11 months and walked at 17 months. I've also noticed the past few days he may be becoming a Daddy's boy just like brother! He even starts crying and having a fit if Daddy  walks out of the room. AND it also appears that he gets jealous if Daddy is giving Ethan loving and he is not with him as well. Today I paid extra attention to a situation when Andrew started hugging and loving on Ethan, Cole immediately started crying like he was having a fit. I handed over Cole to Andrew and he stopped! Is that possible at this age??



Unknown said...

He looks so big! He's such a cutie!!

Anastasia said...

What a cutie! I guess he knows exactly what he wants already, even at 6 months!

cwendel said...

Wow, he is soooo big already!!!! Cutie!!

B.A. Hunter said...

So big! He looks like he is grabbing a roll too! lol


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