Monday, July 11, 2011

Ten reasons why you would want to visit Virginia Beach

Since we are in the middle of summer many people are scheduling their summer vacations while the kids are still out of school. Here in Oklahoma the temps have been over 100 degrees daily for almost 2 weeks straight. It's causing serious algae issues at local lakes and are closing them down. I know a lot of people are looking for other places to spend some time where they can enjoy water. A beach vacation is the perfect place to go to cool down. I would rate Virginia Beach as one of the most popular beach destinations in the US.

I would love to take off to Virginia Beach right now and here's some reasons why:

1. The Beaches!
  • Virginia Beach has some of the most gorgeous beaches. I have been to their beaches (although it's been about 20 years!) and it holds lots of memories for me. So clean and beautiful. Plus the parking is cheap!
2. Location!

  • I LOVE the east coast. Virginia in itself has so much to offer in its beautiful scenery. Plus it's not far away from other popular destinations spots.
3. Accommodations!
  • Countless options from luxary hotels to comfortable B&Bs, or relaxing beach houses. You can choose to stay at what type of place makes you feel welcomed.
4. Fresh Fish!

  • If I was writing my top reasons why I would visit Virginia Beach in order of my top preferences it would be because of all of the fresh seafood that I could consume. I love fish and I would make sure at least 2 of my meals a day are seafood.You haven't had seafood unless it's fresh from the sea!
5. Deep Sea Fishing!
  • Deep sea fishing is on my dream list of something I want to do someday. Virginia Beach would be a fabulous place to experience this. You can also shore line fish if you aren't as adventurous though.
6. Experience the Board Walk!
  • Virginia Beach has a Board Walk that is 28 feet wide and 3 miles long. It has been named America's Best Beach Boardwalk. There is plenty to do for the whole family and you would not be disappointed. 
7.  History!

  • I'm a huge history buff and Virginia Beach area is a prime spot for some unique pieces of American History. I would love to visit the old Francis Land House which is an old plantation home built in 1805. 
8. Busch Gardens!
  • I've heard wonderful reviews about people who have visited Busch Gardens. Located in Williamsburg, this park is packed with many sites and attractions for the whole family. This would definitely keep the whole family entertained.
9. Shopping!
  • What's a vacation if you can't go shopping? Virginia Beach has a few malls and shopping centers that will fulfill any shopoholic's heart. In fact, the Lynnhaven Mall is one of the largest malls on the east coast. 
10. Golf!
  • This isn't for me, but for my husband...he's the golfer and would love to have the opportunity to play on some greens at Virginia Beach. He can play and I'll hit the malls ;-)
These are just some of the top reasons why I would love to visit Virginia Beach, but it has so much to offer so be sure to check out all the links below. You may find completely different reasons why you would love to visit them this summer. 

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Anonymous said...

Love it! If you ever make it to virginia beach let me know! it is only an hour from me. :) I am from there originally.

Anonymous said...

Love it! If you ever make it to virginia beach let me know! it is only an hour from me. :) I am from there originally.


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