Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 365: Week 11

NapTime MomTog Project 365

Having fun coloring 


Playing with homemade playdough. I had a little plastic container nail polish came in that he was putting it into.  



I gave myself a pedicure at 37 weeks.(slight indentations in my toes from my little toe separator thingy lol)

Daddy reading an Elmo book at bedtime. 

I love JC Penny's! On average I get a $10 off $10 purchase coupon every other month in the mail. I always buy something for Ethan with it. They had a sale and I got this outfit for $2.15 with my coupon :-) I let Daddy pick out the outfit this time.

I found these cute Elmo paper notepads in the dollar section at Target. Got a few for Ethan's birthday party this year.  

I had purchased a Groupon a couple months back to a party supply place. It was good til the end of June, but I went ahead and bought Elmo party supplies with it since Ethan's third birthday party will be Elmo. His birthday isn't until August, but I didn't want the supplies to discontinue before I could get them.  


B.A. Hunter said...

Is that Moon Dough Ethan is playing with? Corban bought Isabel some for her birthday and they LOVE it!! It is so cool. Much better than that Moon Sand which is totally worthless.

Love the Daddy reading picture! :-) Good for you for getting ready now for the party. Ezra's is in less than 3 weeks and I have nothing bought! Yikes, I better get with it. lol

Anonymous said...

Aww. Great photos. So neat about the party supplies. Better to be prepared. You are sooo close to meeting your little guy. I am getting so excited!

Unknown said...

You are so organized! I don't have a clue what Tate's birthday theme is going to be... maybe transportation?
I love that ethan is smiling and looking right at you instead of paying attention to daddy reading. :)
How on earth did you manage a pedi?! I could barely reach my toes, let alone paint them! :)

Sarah said...

I love your bedtime story shot! I'm glad you found those party supplies (even if you have to hang on to them for a while) :)

Donna J. said...

impressive pedicure for 37 weeks!


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