Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome deal for EcoMom. Get $40 worth of products for $18!

I follow several daily deal type sites and love them. I don't purchase very often, but only when I find a really good deal on something that I need. I just got an email from Mamapedia about their newest deal to EcoMom. EcoMom is a great store that carries a wide variety of organic, eco-friendly products for the whole family. They even have some cloth diapers! The deal from Mamapedia is a $40 voucher for only $20. If you use the discount code "SPRING10" you get another 10% off your purchase which makes it $18! I snatched up one of these for myself. The voucher is good until June so you can hang onto it for a while if you need to. If you purchase one of these deals I would appreciate going through my referral link so I get credit. Then be sure to use your referral link if you refer this to any of your friends or family.


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