Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Blizzard!

Yup, a blizzard has hit us in Oklahoma! This is our backyard last night. Just before dusk the sun came out and it was beautiful! Enlarge the photo to see bigger. Although it was so pretty, the picture just didn't do it justice. The snow was blowing around on the ground and the sun was shining through it. There's about a 4.5 ft drift in front of our house. It's supposed to stay around 12 degrees the next few days with another snow storm possibly coming in Sunday or Monday. Thankgoodness I made a menu plan for 2 whole weeks!


Anonymous said...

brrrr.... but gorgeous photo.

Unknown said...

We got hit too, but not near as bad as you. I think most of our snow blew south with the strong north wind we had! :o) Stay warm!


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