Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've been fighting an illness coming on for a week now. Really not a surprise seeing how I've been eating a lot of sugar, under a lot of stress the last 2 weeks and have crazy pregnancy insomnia that keeps me from getting good rest every night. I took a ton of vitamins for a few days which seemed to keep it from progressing, but the day I felt better I slacked off and then the next day it hit full force! I now have a nasty sinus infection and taking a ton of meds. I just have too much to do this weekend with our gingerbread party coming up not to take meds now and try to get better. So the next two days I'll be cleaning house and baking like crazy to get prepared. I wanted to share to let you know why I haven't had much going on my blog this week. I promise next week will be full of reviews & giveaways as well as pictures from our party.

Don't forget that tomorrow is Friday and it's time for another 'Take Time to Share Your Christmas Traditions' post! I'll have mine up and can't wait to see everyone's :-)



Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

katy said...

Take care of yourself.


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