Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm still here!

A week of sickness put me behind in everything, not just blogging. Now I'm rushing around to get things that need to be done. We are putting our house up for sale tomorrow and I am trying to finish getting the Christmas decor packed away, re-organize & clean closets and keep up with the daily everything. Ethan is still really cranky and clingy from being sick so it doesn't help things go faster. We're hoping our house sells soon (we are actually selling 2 houses now) and we will be moving into an apartment for a few months. It would be nice if this all happens before Cole arrives, but we will just have to rely on God that it will happen when it is supposed to. With trying to keep the house clean 24/7 for a possibility of a showing at anytime it will leave me little time for blogging. I still have more reviews & giveaways planned, but I won't be posting as frequently as I have been lately. Thanks for sticking around :-)



B.A. Hunter said...

Good luck on the home sales. I pray you get top dollar for both! Don't worry about blogging, we will all still be here. :-)

DontSayHurry said...

Yeah, best of luck... And we're not going anywhere... just take it easy with lil Cole.
CJR @ The Mommy Blog


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