Monday, December 13, 2010

3rd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Our 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party was a huge success! Lots of fun was had by all and it was a packed house! Enjoy the photos.

Candy, candy, candy! Wow, we had quite the assortment this year with all the people that came. Thanks to we had a nice supply of candy to decorate our gingerbread houses. You can say we weren't lacking in the spiced gum drops, shocktarts, and jujy fruits department! Gotta love all that Christmas candy!

Treats! I always have to make cupcakes, it's a tradition at any party I throw. True, there is plenty of sugar with all the candy, but you've got to have cake too!
 Complete with gingerbread cupcake wrappers.
 9 houses this year! One house per family.
Everyone has their candy and we are starting to decorate! Ethan was more interested in eating the candy than decorating. My husband has been working all weekend and I was rushing to get everything done and put together by myself. Ethan woke up from his afternoon nap right before the party and I was so busy I forgot to give him a snack. He was starving so that is why he was more interested in eating than decorating. We only decorated for a few minutes and then I put aside a bowl of candy for us to finish decorating our house later when he was more interested. Plus it gave me a chance to mingle and take photos of everyone else. Next year he will definitely be old enough to decorate it himself.

There was a couple of little ones that just didn't understand what all the excitement was all about. I'm sure next year will be a different story!

A big guy waiting outside wishing he could be apart of the action.

The houses are finished! I didn't get a photo of everyone and their finished houses :-(

Goofy boys.......

Ok, lets try this again......alright....not any better!

Oh yes, and our picture is still yet to come!
Be sure to check out my previous posts about my gingerbread house parties as well as my other blog dedicated just to my annual party for more photos of previous years.

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katy said...

Looks like some serious decorating!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I am hoping next year will go better for us. ha ha!

N.D. said...

what an awesome tradition! and looks like a great time. So cute!

Terra Heck said...

What a neat idea for a holiday tradition! Looks like everyone had a good time.


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