Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Diaper Sewing Time and Earthquake in Oklahoma?!

If you read my last post I was asking about cloth diapering a newborn. So, I'm working on my NB stash! I was at JoAnn's over the weekend and picked up a yard of this bright lime green PUL to experiment in making a few newborn covers and if I have enough leftover also make a wetbag larger than I currently have. I know this color is kind of...well, different, but I'm tired of pale colors! I have some other things I'm working on with my newborn stash and when I'm done over the next few days I'll be sharing what I made and my completed newborn stash!

I'm editing my post to add about the earthquake that happened here in Oklahoma! Yes, we get excited about these things because they NEVER happen in Oklahoma (or I have ever experienced!). As I was taking the photo of my PUL this morning there was a weird shaking sensation. I was standing in my dining room and my tall china cabinet filled with crystal was shaking crazy. I was also facing the window to the backyard and I looked out during this because I thought at first it was a strong wind. We live out in the country and can get really strong winds. But logically thinking I knew that the wind was never strong enough to shake an INTERIOR wall! Next thing that ran through my mind was there must have been a plant explosion somewhere nearby. There have been various plant and oil tank explosions over the years and that is what I concluded with. After my post I was on Facebook and there were others that said they felt the same thing. I quickly looked up one of our local news stations and sure enough there was info about the earthquake! It was a 4.5 earthquake in Norman, OK which is 89 miles southeast of where we live.

Now hows that for a Wordless Wednesday? lol



Unknown said...

Some of my Facebook friends in Wichita, about 50 miles south of me, posted that they could feel the earthquake too! Crazy! :o)

Anonymous said...

That is crazy about the earthquake. I love that color PUL.


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