Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't know if Ethan will feel up to trick-or-treating tonight even if the only place he goes to is his grandparents. Friday morning he woke up with a runny nose. After getting looked at MIL (she's our PCP) thought it was just a cold. Friday evening I picked up some children's vita C and echinecea at the health food store and started dosing him accordingly for an illness coming on. I also upped his vita D as well. If you read my post earlier this week you'll know we weren't taking enough vita D to begin with. I don't think the 2 days of the regular dosage was enough to catch this illness :-( Saturday morning and all day is was fine. Not even a runny nose. We went to a hot dog roast and by the time we got back at 9 pm he felt hot. Sure enough he has a fever so we dosed him with motrin and sent him off to bed. He refused to take his vitamins and he LOVES his vitamins. He ended up sleeping with us half way through the night. Waking up at 3 am for another dose of motrin, he had a fever of 102.3! He has never had a fever that high before! We also got him to drink a good amount of watered down juice and a bowl of ice chips. This morning when he woke he had a low grade fever. MIL checked him again and he has an ear infection. Hopefully that's all he has! I just got him some meds so hopefully he'll heal up fast. I have been downing extra vitamins like no ones business just in case it's something else. I'm exhausted from the night and considering a nap myself ;-) So that being said, that's our Halloween!

I want to go ahead and share picture of our pumpkin carving the other day. If we get him dressed up tonight I'll share pictures tomorrow of him in the costume.

I hope everyone in your house is well and having fun today! Happy Halloween!

Picking out a template.

He didn't want his picture taken with the pumpkin!

We put it on the mantel so little fingers don't touch :-)

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Unknown said...

Poor Ethan! :o( Hope he's feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool pumpkin! Hope Ethan is feeling better.


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