Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Getting Organized!

I realize this is the most boring WW picture I have ever shown, but it explains what I've been up to! Just to explain briefly, I was spending way too much time on the computer. Everything suffers in your life if you are wasting precious time away right?? I said enough to it all and first set limits on my computer time. I now allow myself on the computer for an hour or so in the morning before Ethan wakes up. Sometimes he is awake earlier, but his favorite cartoon plays until 8:30 so I get off then. Not every morning I even get that much computer time depending if I can drag myself out of bed. I was also giving myself another hour after he goes to bed, but I'm still really exhausted so I've been going to bed early and haven't been using that time at all.

Next I pulled out my home management calender that I was telling you about back in March. I finished putting it together and have my house cleaning scheduled through October to see how it goes. I have Sundays as my meal planning & updating freezer list day since that is the day we do most of our grocery shopping. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are my weekly chores. Tuesdays are my once a month chores and Thursdays are my bi-weekly chores. Saturdays are my days off from 'extras'. Everyday is the basic pickup, clean kitchen and stay caught up on laundry of course. I am working on making a daily and weekly checklist with these things and also keep track of appointments and things I need to buy. Even though this is my first week with my cleaning schedule things are going well!

I can't tell you how much relief this has brought me! I'm no longer wasting time at the computer and my house is staying clean. I am getting all kinds of things accomplished and more one on one time with Ethan throughout the day. Getting organized has also made me list the extra projects I have needed to complete or want to learn how to do. Like making Andrew's Christmas stocking! Yikes, I forgot about that already! The only downside is that it takes me 2 or 3 days to get a review & giveaway typed up. That's ok! My blog is NOT my life and I hope other mommy bloggers don't use theirs as a way to live day to day life (although I think that many do and hope they wake up soon about this serious issue...).

So will I stick with this? I hope so! I have many reasons why I should. I am really trying to create new good habits now before I start homeschooling next year. With being a mom there is so much to do and remember. I also don't want to keep feeling guilty that I've wasted away time with Ethan. I also hate that feeling when I sit down on the couch and happen to look up at my nasty ceiling fan that I can never remember to clean them! You may not be the type of mom that is bothered by a dirty house, but I am! I also feel that it is my responsibility to keep up with the home and not use "having kids" as my excuse to not keep it decent looking. I'm not doing this to try to be a "perfect mom", but for me to accomplish more with my valuable time and be less stressed!

I'll update you about this after a month :-) Maybe I've inspired some of you to start your home management journal!


Andrea Kruse said...

Very nice! I have been thinking of trying something along the same lines. Since we moved into a 2-story house with a big yard, I feel like I am drowning in chores! ...and I detest a messy/dirty house. Keep us updated on how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are awesome. I really need to do this. I spend way too much time on the computer.

Anastasia said...

I've also been limiting myself on the computer (though I work online, so that's separate). I just do two posts per week on my blog, not more than three for sure. Most moms realize you have a life and kids to tend to apart from the blog! Sometimes I wish I had no computer... but then again, it brings me a source of income and enables me to stay home with my daughter. We know that is priceless! I need to get my chores more organized too!

Chari said...

Anastasia you are so right! There are times I wished I didn't have a computer either :-/


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