Thursday, June 10, 2010

Races for the rest of 2010 & announcing my new running buddy!!

OK, so I just can't wait any longer to tell you about my new running buddy! I have never been able to find a running buddy or a friend who can at least stick to training for a 5k :-P

After my race I was talking about when my next race would be. I mentioned that I have now trained TWICE for the half marathon that is in November. I get 3/4 through training and fall out for various reasons. This past fall it was extreme Achilles pain that was the kicker. My husband said if he would have known that I needed motivation to get through races he would have done them with me. Really?? I asked him if he was serious and he said he was! A few years back he used to run then he tore the ligaments in his ankle during a basketball game and had to have screws in his ankle. He hasn't ran since then. If you look at the pictures of my husband he doesn't need to run for keeping in shape. He's THIN! Makes me sick. Anyway, he is a home builder and is very physically active with what he does. He said he wants to run in the evenings though which will be totally new for me, I have always been a morning runner.

So, Monday night we had our first run together. I told him we have 2 months to get him up to a 3 mile run because that's when we'd start training for the half marathon. We put Ethan in the jogging stroller and he pushed him the entire time. The plan was just to do whatever he could do with run/walk intervals if needed. We ended up doing 2.5 miles and had 3 brief walking breaks and did it in sub 10 min/miles! He was totally FINE and I was the one begging for a walking break because of the heat and humidity. Looks like he will be keeping me on my toes! I asked him the next day if he was sore at all and he said he wasn't. Wow.

 Last night was supposed to be our second run, but he hurt his back yesterday (a rarity) and it hurt to run. So I went by myself. I had the most amazing run ever! My legs wanted to go fast despite of the heat and humidity. I ended up running 3 miles in 9:45 min/mile and that is including a few walking breaks! That's a new outdoor PR for me on a 3 mile run. In the heat no less! Maybe I should have been an evening runner these last few years?? I always do my runs in the morning. I guess time will tell.

The half marathon isn't until the end of November so I'm trying to look at the race schedule and figure out what races to plan on. I was considering a Quarter Marathon for the first of August, but after Saturdays hot race I wasn't so sure. The next 10k is in October that would be better for the weather. I also can't forget the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure the end of September. I want that to be my next 5k and I really want to have a great new PR!

I'll keep you updated of our progress and race schedule along the way =)



Unknown said...

Sounds like fun! My husband and I can't workout together. I am a swimmer and he prefers running/ weight training. We have each tried the other's activities and much prefer our own (not to mention he can't figure out how to breathe while swimming- lol). Lucky you have something to share as a family! :o)

cwendel said...

Yay!!!!! This will really help you get the 1/2 done - You can do it!! I have always been an afternoon runner too - less injuries I think. What a fun experience for you to share! I'm excited for you!

N.D. said...

yay for the running buddy!!!! :) this will definitely help!


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