Thursday, June 10, 2010

Must read this article!

I just got through posting my Part 2 to Journey to a Healthy Life: Educate, educate! where I mentioned Dr. Joel Furhman's book "How to Disease Proof Your Child", I saw a link to his website on Facebook this morning about a guest post article. The article is called, "Why Have We Decided To Feed Our Kids Crap?". You must read this article! I appreciate other parents who will speak out bluntly about what they believe in. Sometimes I think we don't do it enough. There needs to be a serious wake up call to parents and the nutrition of our FUTURE, our kids!

Let me know what you think about the article.

1 comment:

Katie S said...

I read this article and I'm glad that Dr. Furhman takes a frank approach, but also a REALISTIC approach. He knows that we aren't going to be able to control every single thing our kids eat, but we can provide them with healthy alternatives the majority of the time. I'm glad I read this article so I can think twice whenever our own default tends to be the fast food/junk food route. It's a habit you can break!


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