Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Future Runner?

After I run on the treadmill I like to stretch my legs on the edge of the treadmill. Ethan was mimicking me one day :-)

On days I run on the treadmill I get a dishtowel and get it wet. It helps keep me cool because it is just so hot to run indoors. Yesterday I was doing speedwork on the treadmill and Ethan goes to the kitchen to get his own dishtowel to pat his face.  I was cracking up!
Future runner?? :-D

Sorry about the quality I took these with my blackberry.



Unknown said...

He's so cute! I love it when they do things to mimic something we do. :o)

Set Apart Living Mama said...

Aww I can't wait till Teresa gets old enough to copy me!:)

Glogirl said...

Cute pictures! It is sweet that he wanted to mimic you. It just goes to show how much children watch our actions (whether good or bad)and try to follow.

Katie S said...

SO funny!


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