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Road ID Review

About Road ID!
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The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon. For me, the inspiration was a black, King Kong size pick-up truck that I nearly came face to face with on a long Saturday run.

Earlier that fall, I began training for my first marathon. My father worried about me logging all those miles and would often tell me to “be safe.” One day, he suggested that I carry an ID so that he could be notified if I had an accident while training. Of course, I dismissed that suggestion. I thought: “What could possibly happen to me while running?”

So, there I was, in a ditch, on the side of the road, having nearly been hit by the aforementioned pick-up truck. From that ditch, my father’s suggestion to carry ID started to make a tremendous amount of sense.

Luckily I was OK. But, what if the truck had hit me? I would have been rushed to the local hospital as “John Doe.” Without proper ID, family members and friends could NOT be contacted. Likewise, my Medical records could NOT be accessed at the hospital. How long would I lay there unidentified? This freaked me out.

A few months later, from my father’s damp basement, he and I launched Road ID. To us, Road ID has always been far more than a business. We are on a mission to save lives.

Since 1999, we have received countless thank you letters and emails from customers that have used their Road ID in accident situations. Many of these customers say they might not be alive today if it weren’t for their Road ID. You can view some of these stories on our testimonial page.

We thank you for visiting our site. While here, take the time to read a few testimonials. If you do, I trust that you will make Road ID your new training partner and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing it. Remember, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will speak for you.

My father, our entire crew, and I place upon our shoulders the responsibility to educate all outdoor enthusiasts about the vital importance of ID. We hope to make you a customer. More importantly, we hope that you will help us spread the word about Road ID.

If you have any questions, or just want to say “what’s up,” feel free to give us a call, email, write a letter, send a telegram or whip up a smoke signal. All of our contact info can be found on our contact us page.

Be safe out there – and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about Road ID.

Mike Wimmer (father) and Edward Wimmer (son)

About Road ID Products!
Road ID makes several types of wearable IDs for your preference. All of the Road ID products are customizable and are available in both Original and Interactive types.  Original Road ID products are engraved with your customized information. Interactive Road ID products are engraved with customized information as well as include an ERP (Emergency Response Profile). Your ERP is updatable at anytime and is available to first responders that can be viewed on the website or when they call the 800 number on your Road ID. The in depth information would include your name, address, emergency contacts, health information, health insurance and more. See below for a sample of what an ERP profile looks like. The Interactive type of Road ID is a great have and you can have piece of mind that first responders will know all your detailed medical history that you think they should know in case of an emergency.

Road ID makes different types of wearable ID and also come in various colors. There is the Wrist ID Sport that can be worn during any athletic activity.

The Wrist ID Elite is a rubberized version.
If you would rather wear your ID around your neck, the FIXX ID would be your option.

The Ankle ID is another option.
There are two different shoe IDs if you prefer not to wear the ID on your body. The Shoe ID and the Shoe Pouch ID. The Pouch option is an extremely great idea because it will hold keys, money, etc. Perfect for participating in races.
My Road ID Experience!
After looking at the various types of Road IDs available I finally decided on the Original Shoe ID. Since I have one pair of running shoes and they are exclusively used only for running I wanted an ID that was always attached to my shoes to make it one less thing to remember I needed before heading out the door for a run.

Next, was deciding what information to put on my Original Shoe ID. I really liked how the Road ID website lists suggestions to you of what to put in each line on your ID. There is also a box you can check to have them proof read anything you have put on your ID and check for a misspelling or a better known abbreviation for a word you may have used.

I decided to add my birth year next to my name per the suggestion on the Road ID website. The next two lines were the names and phone numbers of my emergency contacts (my husband and mom).  The third line is the City and State. The fourth line I used for my allergies (iodine- that's very important for first responders to know). The last line I used for motivation =) You can see the picture below.

The Shoe ID is very light and the velcro secures nicely. As you can tell it has a reflective strip on top. I'm embarrassed I have not gotten a Road ID until now! It is so important to have one if you are exercising anywhere outdoors away from home. I feel better knowing I have this with me at all times during my road runs. Thank you Road ID for the peace of mind!

Buy It! You can purchase Road ID products directly from their website.  You can also purchase gift cards which would make a perfect gift for the athlete you know. Then they can customize their own Road ID of choice.

You can follow Road ID on Twitter and join their Facebook fan page to keep up to date on products and discounts and giveaways.

Thank you to the Company or/and PR firm who provided me with the product mentioned in the review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received to conduct this review.
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cwendel said...

What an awesome idea....... I totally am going to look into that. I have often thought about that while out on a run, but usually I have my Camelbak, which then I have my phone, which of course would have my hubby's number. But I love the shoe ID - a must for sure, and one for my hubby as well!!!

Glogirl said...

What a great idea! Although we don't like to think about something happening to us, it could and this product sounds like a fantastic way to keep important info accessible to those that may find us in unfortunate situations, unable to speak for ourselves.


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