Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new Sprint Purple Blackberry Curve 8530!

My cell phone contract was up May 6th with AT&T. I have had AT&T for the last several years. While I love AT&T had never had any service issues, I did not like the price of adding all the extras to a phone. I never had a data plan on my last cell phone so I never accessed the internet with it. I did pay extra for 200 texts per month and I admit I had gone over that a few months. Yikes, that's not pretty! So for about $10 a month more I could get the same amount of minutes plus unlimited texts, picture messages and data (internet) coverage on this new purple blackberry curve 8530! I was sold! So far I'm loving my new blackberry & the service coverage I get. Everything is so much easier to use plus I have internet access anytime I want (that can be a good thing and bad thing!).

Thanks Sprint for offering a plan that already includes everything I need at a DECENT price! I think AT&T and some of the other carriers need to get with the program and have more competitively priced plans!

Does anyone pay extra for the service protection program? I have 30 days to decide. The one through Sprint does cover water damage. It would be an extra $7 per month.

I was not compensated for writing this post. Everything is my own opinion & I'm just sharing my positive experience with my readers.


Lisa said...

Woot I have the same one got it a couple weeks ago! I Paid OOP for mine on EBay because I wasnt eligible for a full 150.00 upgrade until Jan. LOVE blackberry's upgraded from my broken 8330. As far as protection you need to think about that. I personally dont thing its worth it. You pay 7.00 a month for something you may never use, then if you do you have to pay a 100.00 deductible!

Unknown said...

Cute ! I have been thinking about getting a fancy phone once my current contract runs out too. Hoping I will get lucky and win an iPhone , but hasn't happened yet , lol

Patty (Mummatutu) said...

I want a "Crack"berry so badly! LOL

Chari said...

LOL- I have never heard of "crack"berry!!

cwendel said...

I would love a blackberry.... I have an iPod touch, which I love for reading emails, etc at home, but I don't think I would want it for a phone. I loved my Palm Pilot and this is the closest to it. I may get one next time we are up for an upgrade...... :)


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