Monday, May 10, 2010

Lingerie Shower

Saturday I hosted a Lingerie Shower for a friend. It was my first time to host a shower all by myself & my first Lingerie Shower to plan as well. I came to the conclusion today that I LOVE hosting parties, but especially showers. Showers are for those exciting moments in someone's life and it is fun to make it a memorable day for them.

When throwing a shower it is so important to consider the recipients personal likes. I have been to so many showers that just seem "generic". It is so easy to buy a "party in a box", but to me that just says "I put no thought or origination in your shower." I actually become pretty obsessive about every detail and want everything to flow together.

I searched for many hours for photos and examples of lingerie showers done and there were not really all. First, I had to figure out my friends favorite color- royal blue. Ok, so royal blue alone isn't very romantic so I needed to add black as well. Let me tell you, finding anything in royal blue was almost next to impossible unless it also included red & white (for the 4th) or graduation. So I did a ton of shopping, looking online and lots of thinking to get the right look for a lingerie shower.

First off the cake! The best part right?? I asked the help of a friend who has made a few fondant cakes. I attempted to make a layered fondant cake last year and wasn't impressed. After watching her decorate it, I'm confident I can do it. The next birthday will be Ethan's in August so I need to start practicing now ;-) She did a great job. Here's a couple of pictures. The special edited ones where done with my new Digital Scrapbook Artist2 program (I'm doing a giveaway of the program too, go here to enter!!).

For the rest of the table I used black tablecloths, black tulle, black shiny tulle, royal blue chiffon, royal blue satin tablerunner.  I used various pieces of my crystal and accented with shiny marbles, black feathers and diamond confetti.

I placed the silver punch bowl on a sturdy cardboard box then covered black satin around it. On top of that I poofed black tulle around it and draped shiny black tulle on top.

On the other end of the table I used a taller cardboard box and wrapped another black tablecloth I had around it. I poofed the royal blue chiffon fabric around it and draped the shiny black tulle on top. I found a pretty glass vase with the initial "R" on it and filled it with some of the glass marbles in the bottom. I looked at several places for royal blue and black artificial flowers. I finally found these black ones at Michaels on sale for $1 each. I think it made a nice touch.

The middle bowl I filled with blue chocolates. It was difficult finding blue and black candy. And really, who wants to eat a bunch of blue and black candy?? The bowl on the end I filled with the "favors": clear puff boxes filled with black sixletts candy, wrapped with pretty black printed ribbon and an initial "R" sticker on top. These were really fast to put together. 

Of course I had to make some chocolate covered strawberries! Real chocolate, don't skimp with almond bark, ick! I made some regular ones and also some dipped in coconut, pecans and chocolate sprinkles.

Here is a photo of all of us with the whole table.

A photo of just me and my friend :-) It looks like I'm slouching :-/

I decorated the mantel in the living room with candles. Then I made a "clothes line" from extra black ribbon I had. I tied various black and blue underwear to it. Instead of a guest book I bought blue cardstock and cut out cards with decorated scissors. Then I glued white cardstock on top of the blue to make it easier to write on. Each guest made a special note to the bride on the cards. I left a crystal bowl for them to drop the completed cards into.  I am going to put the cards and photos into an album for her keepsake gift from the shower.

I am not going to share any details about the games or show photos of the gifts ;-) The games were a little wild, but not too wild. Everyone was a good sport playing them. If you are planning a lingerie shower and would like the details of the games drop me an email and I'll share.


N.D. said...

It looks like you did a great job!

Unknown said...

very creative! looks beautiful and memorable. :o)

Glogirl said...

The party table looks very elegant! The cake is beautiful. Looks like you went to a lot of work to coordinate the theme and colors. I'm sure your friend was impressed with the personalization.


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