Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Swim of the Season with Ethan!

It has FINALLY been warm enough to use the pool starting this week. I'm super happy! I'm one of those people who function better with a daily dose of the sun. Every afternoon this week I have been soaking up the rays while Ethan takes his afternoon nap. However, that does put me behind with my blogging :-(

Tonight I took him for his first little dip. He was scared until he got in the water and then did great.



Unknown said...

Great picture! My parents had a pool and I miss it. There is always our little plastic kiddie pool, but that just isn't the same! :o)

N.D. said...

yea for swimming! he is so adorable!

Set Apart Living Mama said...

I can't wait to take the kids swimming this year! Too cute! Oh an i really need to talk to you about something that's bothering me. Can you email me @ glenda.a.silva(@)gmail(.)com

B.A. Hunter said...

ADORABLE picture! Sounds like fun. :-)

Glogirl said...

You know summer weather is here when you can start swimming! The weather has been fantastic lately-unusually warm temperatures for the end of May where I live in Canada.


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