Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toddler Tuesday: Building with his Mega Blocks!

Just in the last few weeks Ethan has finally taken an interest in building things with his building blocks. One night he made his own creation all by himself and we were praising him, clapping our hands and making a huge deal out of it ;-) He was so proud of himself you could just see it in his little face. I got out my camera to take a picture and he turned shy (the fingers in the mouth). He has been shy a few times lately, I guess his personality is changing some.



Upstatemamma said...

Oh he is so cute!! And thanks for stopping by and sharing the Jillian Michaels quote. I appreciate it. :)

B.A. Hunter said...

What a sweet picture! My Ezra gets embarrassed and covers his smile too. It's adorable.

Nice creation Ethan made! :-)

By the way~ you forgot to link up.

Jill said...

mama to 3 blessings writes about toddlers, as well, games and such if you are interested.


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