Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Needing Diaper Rash Advice from my Cloth Diapering Readers

Ever so often Ethan will have a little flare up of a diaper rash. I usually think it is because he may a few sposies back to back. However, he is currently having a little flare up again and I'm trying to figure out what it may be.

From sposies? He has not worn a sposie in weeks- more than 2 months now.

From cloth diaper detergent? The last load I used up my cloth diaper detergent. I have been alternating back and forth between my cloth diaper detergent and my regular detergent I use. I'm wondering if the cloth diaper detergent is leaving some type of residue that is bothering him? I am currently washing his diapers with my normal detergent as I type this.

From air drying? Ok, this might be far fetched, but the last couple of loads I have sunned them. It has been a few months since I have sunned my diapers. However, with grass and pollen counts high I wonder if sunning them could cause an irritant if they are allergic to these pollens?

From teething? Are rashes just from teething? He has been teething constantly for a couple months now.

From diet changes? A couple months ago I switched our diet to a whole food minimally processed diet. Everything is organic and no sugar other than a little honey and what fruit provides naturally. He has become very regular in his bowels 3 to 4 times a day consistantly (sorry TMI). Although I change him quickly after he does these (sometimes if he is playing I might not know how long it has been since he did the job!) I wonder if he may be allergic to something he's eating? I really have not introduced any new foods.

From wipe solution? He has not appeared to have any trouble with the wipe solution that I make from scratch. However, I did run out of cloth wipes just the other day and my husband has been using sposies and I just use water on cloth wipes until I remember to make a new batch :-)

He's been rashy for about 3 days now. I've been using Desitin and the Hylands diaper creams on him at changes. It just looks like it is getting worse, but it's not horrible. Any type of diaper rash always concerns me. I wanted to run this by you all to see if you have ever noticed a pattern to your baby's diaper rashes and figured out what may be causing yours.



Unknown said...

sending you an email
Poor baby- hugs to Ethan!! :o(

Katrina said...

Have you tried stripping your diapers? It could be that the detergent has built up on his diapers, and when he pees, it is causing almost an ammonia burn?
check out there is a great forum with lots of good advice!
I will also say that I love Boudreaux's butt paste on rashes, it seems to work great whenever my son gets them!

Amber Liddle said...

I think maybe the more frequent BMs and the teething (which I know made Ingrid a bit runnier, how's that for TMI??) could be to blame. I love Balmex, it's the only one that's worked for me. I just put a washcloth between the butt and the cloth diaper so I don't get any cream on the dipes. If it's still bad, talk to the doctor--he could have a yeast infection and need prescription cream.

Jill said...

We haven't had any issues for a while, and even then it was nothing that a couple of hours in dry diapers wouldn't fix. I have noticed that we get redness when we dont change a BM diaper right away, particularly if there is undigested food in there. You might consider that as a culprit in itself. Guess that's all I've got, sorry.

simplymerry said...

are you double rinsing? there might be detergent residue.

one of the best diaper ointments is burt's bees baby bee diaper ointment. you have to use disposables or a liner, but it should clear it up.

Carly said...

My favorite cream is the Lansinoah Diaper Rash cream they sell it at Walgreens. Works so well:) I use a fleece liner with the cloth so as not to get any on my diaper. Good Luck:)

Christa @ Little Us said...

I'm still knew to all this so I don't have many answers. But I will say that I'm a huge fan of Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Salve...Works wonders and CD friendly!

anamlgrl said...

I used Grandma El's when DS had a rash... it's by far the best I ever used! (they sell it on Target online and some stores carry it). My sons rashes stopped immediately and never returned as soon as I switched to TIDE! I'm telling you it was the best thing I ever did! No more "stinkies" or rashes... EVER!

Good luck... and hugs to you and Ethan.

dannyscotland said...

It is not recommended to use Desitin on cloth diapers as it can cause repelling. Use Grandma El's if you can--it's what I use. My daughter gets rashes sometimes, and we use cloth exclusively. Sometimes they just get them. Some rashes take longer to go away. Detergent made specifically for cloth diapers should not leave a residue, but regular detergent can. It depends on what kind you are using. I don't think air drying would be causing it. More frequent BMs could. Does he wear cloth overnight? That's when my daughter tends to get them, after she's been wet all night. She's a good sleeper and I don't change her until she wakes up in the morning. You could try adding some extra absorbency with something like hemp, which is supposed to be anti-bacterial or something. We use hemp at night, and it seems to have reduced the number of rashes my daughter is getting. I also got some silk liners that I use once in a while.

Lynneskitchen said...

Guessing it is a combo of diet and teething. You can use a CD safe diaper cream. I like Method or California Baby for occasional rash. They are safe for CD. Desitin has fish oils in it (not good!)

cwendel said...

I get a little rash now and then from(as someone said) stool that is somehow for whatever reason more harsh than usual. I use the California Baby calendula cream on it and it's usually healed up by the next diaper change!! I LOVE that stuff - use it on irritated skin of all kinds and gets rid of redness quick. I think any calendula cream would work about the same, but you can get CB at Target and grocery stores. I use Burt's Bees diaper cream - it seems like the only "mainstream" one that doesn't use preservatives, fragrance(synthetic) or petroleum byproducts.

Hippie4ever said...

Maybe detergent residue? i use Charlie soap and I'm starting to try the wonder ball (it's been working well).

Best diaper rash ointment I found was simple coconut oil, cleared my son right up! :)


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