Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ideas for Lingerie Shower?

I'm throwing a Lingerie Shower for a friend of mine who is getting married the end of next month (the day after my wedding anniversary!). I just finished creating the invite which I spent HOURS upon HOURS doing. There is not much of a selection for digi-scrapping a cute lingerie shower invite! I did find a couple of ok ones, but they were pink and really frilly. She's not the frilly type and her favorite color is blue. I found this blue background on a disc I had and found a small Something Borrowed, Something Blue kit here. I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. A lot of the extra blue around the invite is being cropped off by the photo department.

I've been looking online trying to get ideas of how I'm going to decorate, what I'm going to serve, games to play, etc. I thought I would ask you guys if you had any ideas or if you had been to a Lingerie Shower before that you enjoyed attending. I have been to one Personal Shower and I took to the most "personal" gift among everyone else who attended ;-) I'm sorry, but these types of showers should be a little wild, right? lol

So since her favorite color is blue I'm thinking a white table cloth and blue accents (tulle,  candles, flowers...). Or should I do it the other way around?? Blue with white accents? I have a lot of crystal dishes that I will be using on the table as well for the food and punch. Speaking of punch...I'm not so sure about blue punch, wow. What are your thoughts?


Jill said...

Went to a lingerie shower it was hosted at a college-locale so people could reconnect. I would say use white with blue accents, because you can easily reuse a white tablecloth whereas blue maybe not. We were told what size she wore. That's about all I can remember..

simplymerry said...

everyone should come in lingerie. :grin:

i'd go for blue with white accent if money is not a problem (i.e. white is reusable).

you could do clear punch (a fairly colorless fruit concentrate like apple/white grape, w/ lemon-lime soda).

as far as games, it'd depend on how risque you want to be...


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