Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project 365: Day 25- 34

I've been slacking off on posting my pictures because I've been using my dads 35mm slr for some of my photos! I just picked up one CD today with one of the rolls of film I took in and dropped off another one today. As I thought I would be, I'm totally addicted to slr! I want a digital one so bad. *sigh*

Day 25 
I got a couple of great shots on my dad's camera. Ethan got sick soon after these pictures were taken. Ethan's first stomach bug! I didn't use the flash at all and played around with the settings and crossed my fingers I would get good pictures. Only a few of them turned out pretty good.


Day 26
He is so excited when he sees the dogs at the door! He has a huge smile on his face, but you can't see much from this angle.


Day 27
In the closet destroying the book shelf. Time to reorganize the closets anyway :-)

Day 28
Previous Post :-)

Day 29
We were snowed in by several inches of snow and ice. I had some hot chocolate and popcorn. Ethan enjoyed the popcorn.


Day 30
Ethan, the Little Dipper.
He shared chips and queso with Daddy for a snack. Ethan insisted on dipping the chip himself. It was hilarious to watch him. He would break off the tiniest piece to dip in the cheese and the chip was barely larger than his finger tip! He made a mess and then got frustrated. I got a little on video, it's funny.

Day 31 
 In front of the warm cozy fire.

Day 32
Being silly at breakfast.

Day 33
 I used my snappi to clean out all the junk in my aplix cloth diapers! Yuck! And to think I just did this a few weeks ago...

Day 34
Ethan always wakes up with bed head. But this particular morning it was really wild lol. He wasn't too happy about momma taking the time to record the moment either.



Unknown said...

Cute pictures! I love my digital camera, but I miss the excitement of seeing the pictures come back from being developed. :o)

Tate takes his dipping very seriously too! And he will dip anything- bananas in ketchup, pb&j in yogurt- what ever is available. So gross lol!

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

what a doll! :)

that is only one of the reasons I hate aplix! :)

btw I left something for you on my blog! read the Oh My Goodness-- post!


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