Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project 365: Days 15-24

Catch up time! Since I've been out of town I'm posting several pictures at once.I will be posting separately about my trip so I won't do duplicate pics. I just borrowed my dads old 35mm slr camera and have been experimenting with that for the last couple of days. I know nothing about photography and trying to teach myself a little. He has several lenses with his camera so it will take me a while to figure this stuff out. If anyone knows of any great websites out there that are easy to understand please share!

I just finished up my first roll of film and took it in to be put on a CD. I hope at least some of the pictures are decent. I'll be posting some of those for my 365 Project. I'm ready for spring so I can practice on my roses!

Day 15
Daddy bopping him on the head at supper with the pot holder :-)

Day 16
Waiting for Daddy to open the door.

Day 17
Our first day on the road. Ethan got to color for the first time at the restaurant that night!

Day 18
The day our ship left Galveston for the Caribbean!

Day 19
I lost my camera Monday night! I couldn't find it for 2.5 days and had to purchase a pack of disposable cameras for our first port day. Guess where I found the camera?? Right where it was supposed to be in my bag, but I swear I never could find it LOL. I'm not blond, I promise! This was our "Fun Day at Sea" so I really didn't miss taking anything interesting.

Day 20
Port Day in Progresso, Mexico

Day 21
Port Day at Cozumel, Mexico


Day 22
Second "Fun Day at Sea". I think Ethan was getting cabin fever :-)

Day 23
Ship docked at 8:00 a.m. Time to go home! Enjoying a cheetos snack!

Day 24 
Ethan with his cousin. It is cousin's birthday!



B.A. Hunter said...

I enjoyed the pictures! Ethan gets cuter by each passing day. :-)

Glad to see you haven't given up on the 365 project. I was wondering if you might.

arshad said...

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Annie said...

I loved the pics Chari! Wow how much fun that looks. Ethan has the sweetest smile! Glad you had a blast and made it home safe :)


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