Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go away sickness!

In the midst of getting laundry done after our trip Ethan came down with a stomach virus creating even more laundry! Once I had the one load out it was time for a fresh one to go in :-( We've had so much sickness this winter it's been crazy.  So far Andrew & I have not come down with the same stomach bug. Crossing my fingers on that one.

Slowly working on getting everything done around the house and getting the rest of the giveaways up for the event. I'm sorry it is taking so long! I had the intention of having several giveaways to auto-post while I was gone. However I was really sick before we left and trying to get things together and packed for our trip.

Post soon about our trip as well. I should be getting my pictures back tonight.

They are predicting a lot of snow and ice starting tomorrow night. I really hope not. If you don't hear from me you can assume we lost power. We usually do when we get bad ice storms here. 


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Unknown said...

Sorry Ethan's sick again! Ugh, poor boy! I heard we are supposed to get freezing drizzle or sleet tomorrow too. Bleck!

B.A. Hunter said...

Don't you just love winter??? :-(

Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon. My kids are getting over a nasty cold.

Don't worry about your event. We all understand. Life happens.

Christa @ Little Us said...

I hope Ethan feels better soon! And good luck with the ice storm...those are the worst!

katy said...

I hope Ethan feels better.


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