Monday, December 7, 2009

Frustrated with Google Form Giveaways

I first started using google forms for my giveaways because people were not following directions to leaving their email address on each comment and it was time consuming to count out the entries. Then if the winner didn't qualify, I would have to draw a new number and recount.

I thought using google forms would eliminate this issue, but it has not. I think now my forms are just so easy everyone is breezing through it and checking off stuff without even reading what you need to do to qualify. Such as many people are checking they follow me on twitter and tweeting. The directions say to do BOTH, not just follow. I assume no one is doing the tweeting part of the question if they are not leaving their url. It is not just happening with this question, but all the others.

I am not trying to be difficult, but I always check to make sure the winner said they did what they marked on the google form. How can I check to see if they put my blog button on my blog if they didn't leave the url to their blog or even a screen name that they follow under google? To me, that is not fair to the ones who are following the directions. Really, there were only 2 people who followed the instructions on the My Lip Stuff giveaway!

It takes me about 20 minutes to get a google form set up for each giveaway. Then after the giveaway I still have to manually count through each line to see how many entries each person entered. I feel like my time is being wasted. I'm seriously thinking of going to numbered comments. At least that way it will be quicker for me to throw back a number if that person didn't qualify and re-draw until I get to one that does qualify.

I also like to connect with my readers especially the ones who always enter my giveaways and leave comments on my non-giveaway posts. If I don't know where their blog is, I can't visit.

I have a huge cloth diaper event starting January 1st. I am going to be swamped to get a review & giveaway up each day of my event. It is also not fair to me to spend time setting up my google form if the directions will not be followed. If you have ever done an event before, you know how stressful they are.

I'm sorry if this comes across harsh. However, I enter many giveaways on other blogs myself and I always make sure I am following directions to the "T". If you are entering a lot of giveaways, but aren't winning, you may want to make sure you are following the directions as well.

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Jaclyn and Devan Swallom said...

In otherwords.

Anyone who doesn't follow your guidelines sucks! lol

Unknown said...

Good point... Your time is valuable and we should be careful as to not waste your time! I'll make sure I am extra careful too when I am entering from now on.

Unknown said...

You are providing us with a "gift" the least we can do is follow your directions. I'm sure I haven't always done a proper double check every time, but I will make sure I do from now on! Thank YOU for your time! :o)

Heather said...

They're your get to make the rules. If someone doesn't follow your rules (which are pretty clear, in my opinion), they shouldn't win. You should do whatever is easiest for you, even if that is numbered comments!

Emily B said...

I'd say do what makes it easiest for you...
I usually do approved comments, I check them as I go and if they don't follow the requirements they don't get approved. That makes it easier for sure when it comes time to draw.

There are definitely some of us who appreciate all the work that goes into a giveaway!

Darcie K. said...

I will definitely try to be more careful! I really appreciate everything that you do!

The Shepards said...

I liked the giveaways that use the google form since its easy to go back and check if you did everything right! I'm scared to see how to pull off a giveaway when i start doing them on my blog, but thanks for spending the time to go through all of them even if people have to be party poopers and not do everything right.

Tammy said...

I moderate my comments. Since I don't have numbered comments in my template, I check my comments a couple of times a day and put them in an excel spreadsheet for each comment, I can check before I publish the comment whether or not the person has completed the appropriate measures to be eligible for an entry.

I publish the comment regardless, but only my excel spreadsheet has the names of those actually entered.
I use the numbers from the spreadsheet to enter into and then pick the appropriate number from the spreadsheet.

It's a little more work as you go along, but not nearly as much then at the end of the giveaway.

Erica said...

I totally agree with everyone. It is hard to verify each entry especially if directions aren't followed. Doing a giveaway shouldn't be a "chore" it should be fun and those not following the guidelines should be tossed out the window!

Keep up the great work. I subscribe through a reader and enjoy your blog!

zealandsmom said...

If you'd like....send me an email @
daniellecwann at yahoo dot com
and I can get your comments numbered for you:)
I just did this for Newly wed, newly bred as well!
There is nothing easier than numbered comments!

Krista said...

I think this post was a good reminder to all of us that you spend a lot of time and effort on your blog, so we should spend be courteous enough to follow directions. I thought you did a good job getting this point across. Thanks for all you do! :)

cwendel said...

I think it's pretty clear that nearly everyone is in agreement on this issue, so I won't repeat it all..... Do what is best for you, people need to take some personal responsibility for their actions and if they don't follow instructions, just toss their comment out, don't even keep it in the first place( I don't know if you can do that, but.....???).
I don't think it's harsh, I just think it's REALITY. This is life - don't follow directions, don't reap the benefits of that action.
Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!!

Team Pitney said...

I am sorry this has been an issue. I always try to follow the directions to a T.I hope I have done so and will keep double cheking myself. Thanks for all your hard work!!

Betty C said...

I also try really hard to follow the rules. One thing I would like to see (and I don't know how hard this would be)is the ability for me to delete my comment when I realize I didn't do it correctly. I've sometimes commented that I follow on Twitter but didn't realize that the same comment should show my URL for the tweet. I've never known if it gets thrown out if I do a separate comment for the tweet. I'd rather be sure to do it right.


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