Sunday, November 22, 2009

Please Vote for Ethan!

Happy Heiny's has a contest every month with babies in their diapers. We've entered before and we were #1, but we didn't win because the company gets to choose from the top 5 voted and they didn't pick Ethan. Ethan is at #10 right now and needs to get to the top 5 to qualify.

Please take a moment to go vote for him, it's simple you don't have to register at all to vote. Since you have to vote for all contestants you'll have to vote Ethan as '5', the highest rating and all the others a '1', the lowest rating. Ethan is wearing his cow print diaper and holding fall leaves and has a pumpkin by him. I hope he wins this month so we don't have to enter again!

Thank you!!!

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