Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Diaper Tips Tuesday- How many cloth diapers are in an ideal stash?

The Cloth Diaper Reporter is hosting a "Diaper Tips Tuesday" meme. This is week 2 in which we are discussing how many cloth diapers are in an ideal stash.

Newborn: We used sposies for the first 4 weeks when Ethan was born just so I wouldn't have any extra laundry to do. I realize now that it really isn't much to do, so I look forward to cloth diapering a newborn with the next baby. I believe it does take 2 dozen to cloth diaper a newborn, it seems like all you do is change diapers :-)

Infant: I felt like I went through a lot of diapers up until I weaned Ethan at 14 months. You can read my previous "Fluff Talk Thursday" posts about the specifics of my diaper stash. Ethan was also a heavy wetter until I weaned him. After he outgrew his small Fuzzibunz, all I had were 10 Haute Pockets and a couple of diapers I sewed myself. Gradually over the last few months I've added a couple here and there. With about 14 diapers I barley made it washing every other day. Now I have even more diapers in my stash I'm going every 3rd day washing, which I do not recommend especially after they start eating solids! I think that is when you start dealing with stink issues. I know I just read on Mama Liddle's blog she washes just about everyday. That really is probably the best way to go. I would suggest a stash of 20 diapers for this stage.

Toddler: I'm still double stuffing Ethan's diapers now even though he is not as a heavy wetter. We tend to go through less diapers. I think I could function with about 15 diapers and wash every other day.

I look forward to the other topics in the next few weeks! I will be writing a guest post on November 19th about "Sewing Your Own Stash", so check back for that link. Also I will be hosting a huge Cloth Diaper Event starting January 1st. I will announce all the details a few days before the event.

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Amber Liddle said...

We had major issues with night diapers and now that Ingrid's done with her bottles we don't. Also, the stink issue is the reason I do laundry so much, for sure. It grosses me out to think of them sitting for days.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my chance to CD a newborn either and we are double stuffers here at my house as well! Can't wait until your CD event and guest post on sewing your own stash!!


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