Sunday, September 6, 2009

Half-Marathon Mama: Week #1

I took up running in 2006, but it took me quite a while to work up to a 3 mile run. I ran on the treadmill because that was the only way I had to track my time and distance. Then March of 2007 I bit the bullet and bought a Garmin Forerunner 201 so I could start running outside. While I loved the feeling of running outside, I felt like I had to start almost back to square one because it was much tougher than running on the treadmill. Plus our addition felt like running up one huge hill. ha!

I progressively did better so I raced a few 5ks that summer. I didn't know I would love running in a race so much! Then I decided to run a half-marathon in the fall of 2007. I was about 3/4 way through my training when I became pregnant. Since it was my first pregnancy I was paranoid about continuing to keep running. I wish I did :-(

Since having a baby I've started to train toward a 5k off and on, but never really could get back into it. Back in May I started following the Couch to 5k program again and stuck with it. I had a few weeks of having a difficult time sticking with it. I think part of it was the summer heat. It's difficult to run in heat!

So, running a half-marathon is still a goal I want to achieve before having another baby. I just started my training again this week for a half marathon for the end of November. My long runs will be done either on Saturdays or Sundays. Yesterday was my first long run. It was only 4 miles, but I am so sore today.

I'll be writing the end of each training week to help keep me on track and help nix any excuses I may have not to continue with this! Running can be difficult when you have a teething toddler waking up several times a night (or not sleeping at all *sigh*), plus I still breastfeed. However, running really is a "mind over matter" thing.

Maybe I'll inspire one of my readers to take up running. You don't have to run fast or run in races to be a runner. Believe me, I'm not fast at all! I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about running. I'm not an expert, but there are some great websites I can point you to.

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Annie said...

Wow - you can do it! I salute you for running with a crabby toddler wearing you out :) I am DEF not a runner, but I want to get back in shape. When do you find time to run - does your husband watch your baby? (I live in the country so I can't put my little ones in a stroller, but I'll bet that is what you do)
I look forward to reading about your progress - it might encourage me to give it a try!

CaraW. said...

AWESOME!! YOU GO!!! I am a runner, going on 25(YIKES!!!!!) years now. You will LOVE the feeling finishing that 1/2. I did the Chicago Marathon in 2000 - it was the BEST!! :) I can say from being a runner for so long that you just have to schedule the training as if it were a job and then treat it as such. And if you only get to 11 miles total, not ideal but it's OK..... do you have a training book or other help? Please email me if you have any ??s - also I am a physical therapist, so I have INSIDER knowledge!! :) Best of luck - you can do it!!!!


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