Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursdays

Fluff Talk Thursdays this week is all about our cloth wipe system. We don't have a system, we use disposables. At first we did use cloth wipes, but it became a pain to go wet a cloth in the bathroom for each diaper change. Now it's a pain because the disposable wipes get thrown into the diaper pail and into the washer :-/

Happily Domestic has the BEST SYSTEM EVER!!!!!!! She even has detailed pictures which is awesome for visual learners like me! Head on over to her blog to check this out! I'm excited to make my wipes and start using them again!


Annie said...

Your blog looks amazing! I love the romantic feel of it.

My husband isn't a fan of cloth wipes but so for the longest time we were doing disposable ones. But now that he is working so much I am back to cloth ones. On my blog is a link to a WAHM that sells soap is cheaper than Happily Domestic's wipe solution and keeps your wipes for just as long.

Just a little help :)

And I agree, Beth did an amazing job on her post - so much better than mine. I have such a hard time making it look really good but eventually I'll get there!

B.A. Hunter said...

Blush, blush... you two are too darn nice! Hugs to you both :-)


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