Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make your own Cupcake Stand

I wanted to make a cupcake stand for my babies first birthday coming up in a few days. There are several directions online on how to make one, but I figured out how to make one a little cheaper.

First off I bought a piece of silver foam board at Hobby Lobby for 40%. I cut 3 circles, 8", 10", 12". I found bowls in my kitchen in the approximate sizes, traced around them and used a small knife to cut around.

The directions online call for buying cake dummies (or styrofoam rounds) for the centers. However, It was going to cost at least $12 to buy enough foam for the centers. I went to my local Dollar tree and found 2 square styrofoam and a green styrofoam round (like you would use to make a floral wreath with).

I hot glued all the layers together with the circles. Then I took scrapbook paper and wrapped around the squares and taped in the back. I glued ribbon on the edges of the circles.

Here's a picture of the finished stand. I am making a 6" cake to go on top and the bottom two layers will have cupcakes. I will have fabric drapped around the bottom so it will cover up the green styrofoam. The party is barnyard theme and I used what ribbon I had to glue to the edges. It would be cute to do all in red if I had it, but I am using green and yellow in his party decor anyway, so it will work.

The scrapbook paper and ribbon can be taken off easily and replaced with something to match another occasion.

The stand seems sturdy enough, but I will find out when I add the cake and cupcakes! I will share pictures after the party.

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