Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mama Cloth Panty Liner Tutorial and Pattern

I finally made the change to mama cloth! I will never go back again to 'sposies'. The mama cloth panty liners are so soft, comfortable and breathable. Really it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything but underwear! I dare you just to make one to try out and see what you think.

Did you know that mama cloth is so much healthier for you? I have read through several message boards about women talking about mama cloth and almost all of them agreed that when they started using mama cloth that their periods became much lighter and had less cramping. Some of them mentioned that even one cycle of using 'sposies' would give them worse cramps and a heavier flow. Then if they resumed mama cloth the next cycle it would be back to the lighter flow and less cramps! Just think about that for a minute....what kind of chemicals are in sposies that are causing women's periods to be much worse? It's really scary to think isn't it?? It makes me wonder how many female issues and possibly infertility may be related to women using disposable products. After reading their testimonies you can't help to assume it is a major link!

I looked at several patterns, but ended up designing my own (I'm picky about size ;-). I'm including the link to the pdf at the bottom of the tutorial if you would like to use my pattern. I suggest you sew up one and try it out to make sure this is the size you like as well. I'm also in the process of sewing up my mama cloth post partum stash. I will be sharing that pattern and tutorial soon. I can't wait to try them out! (that is a hint to baby Cole...)

I used all scraps I had on hand for my panty liners. They are so simple to sew and much cheaper than purchasing a stash online. However, there is lots of very nice looking mama cloth available on etsy if you'd rather purchase your stash.

You will need a cotton print for the 'wrapper' part of the liner, a cotton inner (I used an old t-shirt), a cotton topper (I used scrap thin white broadcloth) and of course your pattern.


Cut 2 of the print wrapper, 1 of the cotton inner and 1 of the cotton topper.

Pin right sides together of the print wrapper and then the inner and outer layers.

Sew both sets together while leaving an opening to turn right side out. Press.

Tuck in raw edges of the opening on the print wrapper and then top stitch around the wrapper. Pin on the topper in position. Make sure to tuck in the raw edges of the opening.


Top stitch the topper onto the wrapper. If you follow my pattern it will look a little different from my first panty liner below. I cut the topper slightly smaller so it is not so close to the edge of the wrapper.

Backside view after everything has been top stitched.

Next you need to add some snaps. I have a pair of KAM Snap pliers which make it easy, but you can also use sew on snaps that you can purchase at any craft store. I found that one set of snaps keeps the panty liner in place well. I will be using 2 snaps on my post partum pads because they are longer.



This is what the panty liner looks like when it's snapped.

Then you can tuck in the sides for easy travel in your purse. (sorry the picture is so blurry!) You can follow my tutorial on how to make a wetbag to keep dirties in until you wash or to make a 'travel bag' to keep in your purse (you'll just want to make a small one!).

Panty Liner PDF File Click Here
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Unknown said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort too, especially since I always preferred tampons! Thanks for the tutorial in case I decide not to go with a cup.
Don't rush Mr. Cole, let him grow where it's warm and cozy! (Easy for me to say since I knew the exact day Mayer was coming lol!) :o) Hang in there; thinking of you guys.

Set Apart Living Mama said...

THanks sooo much!

B.A. Hunter said...

I want to try this. Will you be sharing how to make the larger pads as well? (non-postpartum)


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