Friday, July 10, 2009

SmartiPants Cloth Diaper Review

There is a new one-size diaper SmartiPants. This new one-size diaper has many, many great features. I won't list all of them here, check out their website.

The main thing that interested me into buying SmartiPants was the cost. They are cheaper than the typical one-size diaper. I bought the 3 pack for $36.95. Most one size diapers start around $18 a piece.

I'm really impressed with the construction and materials of the diaper, the best I have had in a diaper so far! The insert is nice and fluffy and does a great job soaking up a lot.

The Smartipants diaper really has a nice fit. I like how it is wider in the bottom than my Haute Pocket one size diapers, it's not much wider, but it fits better on my baby.

The only thing I am disappointed is in the rise. They are smaller than my Haute Pockets (the only one size diaper I have to compare it to). Here is a picture of my baby in the Smartipants (the white diaper) on the largest setting and in the Haute Pocket(blue diaper) on the medium setting(meaning it can go up one more size).

Here are additional pictures to show you how the diaper fits.

I should mention that my baby is just one week shy of 11 months old and is 30 3/4" and about 18 pounds. I seriously doubt the SmartiPants are going to last him up to 35 pounds according to their website. However, for babies that are more average this diaper should last you longer than it would for my baby.

Since I won't be able to use SmartiPants as long as I can my Huate Pockets, I don't think it will be a good deal after all :-( I'm disappointed in that because I love everything else about the diaper!! SmartiPants can you please make them longer in the rise??


The Hunter Family said...

It felt lonely with no comments here...
So far i am not impressed with Smartipants customer service. I left a phone message and 2 e-mails trying to reach them (on friday) here it is Tuesday and I have yet to hear from them.

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for the review. I didn't realize that smartipants only had one row of snaps, either (as you mention in your Fluff Thursday post) - that would be another reason not to buy them. What a shame, they are certainly a good price.

Not quite 11 months old and 30 3/4"?Wow, your son IS tall!


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